What happens after you post bail?

depositphotos_3742084-Red-question-symbolTHE RESPONSIBILTY OF DEFENDANT AFTER POSTING BAIL

After being released please understand you are under the monitoring jurisdiction of our agency. You will be assigned a “bail officer” to assist you during your court process. Please do not hestitate to contact your case agent with any questions or concerns, as we are here to help you and your family througout this process.mexican-bail-bonds-las-vegas-nv-faq’s


Check-ins are a mandated process under NJ STATE LAW when out on bail. We are your legal monitoring agency. We are bound by law to make sure you appear in court and answer all of the courts requirements. Check-ins are one of the mandatory processes to ensure that you maintain good standing with the courts while out on bail.

BAIL is your right as a American Citizen, but can be revoked if you violate policies while given the opportunity for bail. It is our job to help you maintain your freedom and not violate the court’s policy. Thereafore we have a strict policy of check-ins which will keep you within the legal parameters of the law. You will check-in through the following procedures:

You must check-in 3 times a weeks through our free mobile application for smartphones. (Download our free application here ANDROID IPHONE)
You must check-in 1 time a week through a call-in to our office at 732-279-4316
You must check-in “in person” by visiting one of our offices or meeting with your bail officer 2 times a month.


​You must make all court appearances requested by the courts. You will receive a court appearance notice in the mail from the court clerk where the violation was made or from the Superior Court. Once you do, please contact us by phone, email or text through application. Please advise us of the following. Court date, time and location of court appearance. We get the same notice that you get, but not always at the same time.

We also need you to acknowledge the court appearance by calling us (check-ins). We put that with your file and it looks very good to the judge that you are self-sufficient and reliable. We will also text you a few weeks prior to your court date to remind you so that you can take off of work or don’t make plans for that day. There are no excuses for non-appearance, but if something does come up which is of an emergent nature, we can help you get your court date re-scheduled.If finding transportation to court is a problem for you, please contact this office 48hrs prior to your court date. We will assist you in finding transportation. Again, it is our job to make sure you get to court. If you do not appear in a court a fugitive warrant is issued for your arrest. Our fugitive recovery team will then be assigned to your case. They are people you do not want to meet!


Maintain your freedom.We understand that during this process, maintaining your freedom is important to you and your family. We will help you in that process. By following the next few requests you will be in accordance with our policies, thus not remanding your bail.You must refrain from criminal activity. if you act in criminal activity and get arrested, your bail may be revoked.You must advise your bail officer anytime you leave the county of your primary residence. A simple call to our 24/7 hotline at 732-279-4316 and advising the officer who answers that you are going to visit friends in Ocean County or NY and will be back later or tomorrow, is sufficient. Please advise the officer with a name, address and telephone number. Periodically, we check on these addresses and telephone numbers. If they are false, we will revoke your bail.You must make your check-ins in the fashion described above. If there is any deviation, your bail may be revoked.You and your co-signors must make your payments on time. If you must be late or miss a payment, please call 732-279-4316 speak with our credit/finance officer.


​At Anti-Lock Bail Bonds we are here to assist you to put this part of your life behind you and make strides to a life with your family to be proud of. We understand that not everything is as it seems. We are not here to judge you due to the situation you are in. As a matter of fact we are here to help you. We have a dedicated circle of advisors that have information that can assist you gaining employment, housing, food and welfare, mental conditioning and many other needs you may have. It doesn’t hurt to ask.